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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)

When John Boehner was elected Speaker Of The House, he cried. When he announced his resignation, he cried. Once when he took his kids to Disney World and the line to Space mountain was 90-minutes long, he cried. Dude cries more than a Country singer at closing time.
That being said, there are lots of people singing "Ding Dong The Witch Is dead," as if Boehner is some kind of enemy. In many political arenas, he is. Boehner is not the first Speaker to resign. Gingrich resigned and people still like him a whole lot. Newt is on TV almost as much as Trump. Then again, NOBODY is on TV more than Trump. In fact, one of the many reasons Trump supporters like The Donald is because Trump knows how to swing a deal. Boehner swung a lot of deals, too. Problem being, Boehner was always swinging on the wrong end of many of those deals. Boehner did what a lot of establishment Republicans do; make deals with the Democrats and then expect the Democrats to keep their word. Boehner seemed to never realize one thing that Trump DOES seem to realize: Liberals cannot be trusted to keep their word.
Liberals and Conservatives live in two different worlds. Boehner thought he live in both of them at once. Here's a quote from John Boehner's resignation speech this morning:
"I got plenty of people following me but this turmoil that's been churning now for a couple of months, it's not good for the members and it's not good for the institution."
Whassat? "Institution?"
There's the trouble right there. Boehner is so ingrained into DC society, he believes it to be an "institution." As if to say this is not The People's  house, it is The People's overlord.
Maybe he should be crying. Maybe we all should be.

"Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?" Those are the words blurted out by The Donald, who later attempted to soften the blow by stating he meant "Her persona."
No you didn't. You said "face."
When Fiorina retorted in the debate, "I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said," it was one of the very rare times you will ever see Donald Trump flinch.
Personally, I like Donald Trump. I think, economically, he'd be a great President. But there are two things involved here: 1) Fiorina and Trump have something important in common; success in business. 2) Fiorina's face is actually kind of nice looking, so what the heck is Trump talking about?
So let's look at Carly Fiorina. No, I mean REALLY look at her.
During CNN's so-called debate, Fiorina said many important things, such as strengthening the military and blasting Planned Parenthood's ghoulish practices, plus she had the only good answer to the featherbrained question of what woman to put on the new $10 bill.
 But what will the voters remember? "Look at that face."
The real problem with Fiorina is money. Usually when one does so well in two debates in a row, the campaign donations flood in. That apparently is not the case here. As of this writing, Fiorina has slightly more campaign cash than Rick Perry did, and he dropped out. Will her campaign coffers last until February? Perhaps The Donald can contribute.
Meanwhile Trump continues to play to packed houses. Voters, many of whom feel disaffected by their own party , like Trump's brash, tell-it-like-it-is style. They also like that he is not an elected official. Well, neither is Fiorina. And since she got in The Donald's FACE, will she pick up some of his voters? This remains to be seen.
So look at that face. Look at all their faces. Take a good look.


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