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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)

                Once again the whiney wailers, screeching "rrrraaacisssm!" have gotten their way. This morning, University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has resigned (or was told to resign) . They say the reason is that Wolfe "mishandled racial tensions" at the campus in Columbia, Mo. The real reason is obvious. He's a white man who did not bow down to angry, bellicose, young black people. It is no coincidence that this happened a mere 2 hour drive from Ferguson. Mo.
                So what were these awful complaints the President of the University did not address?
                Among other things, there was a drunken white student who hurled racial epithets at a group of blacks. Oh NO! End of the World! Then there was the time some joker (I'll bet he was drunk, too) drew a swastika on the floor using feces. Oh NO AGAIN! And finally we have an incident where a couple of boobs in pickup trucks drove around waving Confederate flags. Oh NO TROIS FOIS! (that's French; and we all know Frenchies are White and therefore endemically rrraaacissst!).
                That's right, folks; the biggest problems at the Mizzou campus are drunks waving flags, cursing and poop-NAZI's.
                The actual problem here is obvious; anyone can see it, except those on the left who will deny it exists. The problem is "students" these days are hardly students at all. They are whiny babies who feel a sense of entitlement, because they are taught to feel that way. These are the grown-up "time-out" babies. Institutions of higher learning are hardly that anymore, as well. They have become Liberal Indoctrination Centers, where ignorant young people have their brains drilled with a plethora of anti-White, anti-American, anti-Western hogwash. They are taught to hate, to be belligerent and to scream RRRAAACISSSM! any time they don't get what they want. Their poor performance is excused by the mainstream media; their violent outbursts are ignored by the so-called "community leaders" and their overall hateful and ignorant behavior is explained away (by the liberals) as "culture." 
                It doesn't help matters when the local governments and those who run the schools give in to their demands. The mainstream, pop-culture, so-called "news" media isn't any help, either. They completely ignored the fact that the striking/protesting football players get a free ride through college, free food, free lodging, free travel and are treated like golden children.  Regardless, the false narrative of Black Victimization At All Times Everywhere & Every Day must be pushed forward. After all, there are so many "race pimps" (a nod to Kevin Jackson) that need to profit by this, because how else could they pay for their lavish lifestyles?
                If there are legitimate instances of provable racism on campus, those should be dealt with individually -- and that includes black racism directed towards Whites and others (you're not supposed to mention that). In the politically correct meantime, we'll just fire the White guy and send everyone else to "re-education camps," sometimes referred to as "sensitivity training."
                To the liberal Thought Police, this is all unquestionably Tim Wolfe's fault. Never mind the drunken, flag-waving, foul-mouthed poop-NAZI's.
                Mizzou should replace their Tiger mascot with something more appropriate; the Scapegoat.

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Chris Harper-Mercer is being billed as a warped individual. He strolled into Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Oregon, and killed more than a dozen people. According to one witness, "He started asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them, and if you’re a Christian, stand up. And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.’ And then he shot and killed them."
What the Mainstream so-called "news" media is missing here is that this is another example of a "gun-free zone," which, in reality means "target-rich environment" to evil-doers. Here is the Umpqua Community College rule as pertains to self-defense weapons on campus: "Possession, use or threatened use of firearms, including, but not limited to BB-Guns, air guns, water pistols, ammunition, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any objects as weapons on campus property, unless expressly authorized by college regulations, is prohibited." In other words, "we are sitting ducks."
Word is there was ONE security guard there, and he was unarmed.
On an online dating service, Chris Harper-Mercer described himself as interested in
"Internet, Killing Zombies, Movies and music."
It didn't take long for Presi-fraud Obama to take advantage of the situation, stating that more gun control is the answer. As if criminals obey gun control laws. There are tens of thousands of gun control laws on the books, and they have made zero difference. Bottom line: criminals don't obey laws.
When a drug-filled loony killed 9 of my neighbors in Charleston, the screechy libs blamed it on the Confederate Flag and "racism." When an angry black man, Woodrow Carey shot people in a Louisiana church, the MSM ignored it. There have been thousands of shootings in Chicago, Obama's adopted home town. The MSM ignores that, too. Yet, Obama jumps up in front of the cameras and blames the equipment, and not the operator.
So where is Al not-so-Sharpton's National Action network on this one? Where is "Black Lives Matter? Where are the Jesse Jackson marches? Oh, they may show up eventually, but they'll blame the guns; but not the criminals who abuse them. After all, the victims here are white.
The fact that this killer was singling out Christians will be lost in the shuffle of chanting liberal idiots, or merely brushed aside as not important.
Make no mistake, my friends; Christians are under attack by intolerant groups who demand tolerance from everyone else.


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