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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)

Obama wants to bring 10,000+ Syrian "refugees" to the USA, even though they cannot be fully vetted. There is no way to ever know which ones are actual refugees and which ones are ISIS wannabe's. There is also a looming question the mainstream, so-called "news" media is not asking: "Why don't the neighboring Arab nations take them in?" It makes more sense, as they have common culture and language. But these "refugees," and their willing Western media sympathizers, are not satisfied with that logic. Presi-fraud Obama insists that they come here, and he may use an Executive Order to run around Congress again.

It seems as though Obama cares more about the Syrians than he does the safety and security of American citizens. Obama mocks those concerned with terrorism  by stating that we should not be afraid of "... 3-year-old orphans and widows." Well, I've seen plenty of pictures and videos of these "refugees," and they are primarily men between the ages of 18 and 40. They don't look like refugees, they look like soldiers. We're not afraid of orphans and widows, Mr. O; we're afraid your Syrian "refugee" policy will create MORE widows and orphans here.

There is now no doubt that Barack Obama is putting American citizens' lives and well-being in danger. But for what reason? Unfortunately the answer is all too clear. This is part of the Obama Administration's plan to make America less powerful, and to take the revenge on Western Culture he speaks of in his radical book "Dreams From My Father." Notice how the title of the book does not say Dreams OF my father; it says FROM my father. Barack Hussein Obama Senior (if he really is his Barack's biological father) was an avowed socialist and anti-Western. Some would say he was  anti-"white." Obama Sr. was basically absent from young Barack's upbringing, but Barack caught up with him later in life. The book is purely political. No matter where you think Barack Obama was born, one thing is certain; he was not raised in the United States. He spent his formative years in Indonesia, with his adopted family, where he was undoubtedly fed a steady diet of anti-Western (read: anti-American) rhetoric. Unfortunately that's why many of the brainwashed Obama-voters voted for him in the first place. What the blind-sheeple Obama-voters don't understand is that they are committing suicide.

Worse yet, maybe they DO realize that and it is exactly what they want.

Since the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, people have been asking me, "Why is this happening, Rocky?" The answer is simple: They hate us. Let me take it one step further. By "us" I don't mean  only the USA, or Western culture. What I mean is more specific. Yes, they hate Western culture, and they use the "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" of the ignorant left against us; but what their specific targets are is -- plainly and directly put -- White, Western Christians. Does anyone really think that if the concert had been a hip-hop or rap concert, with a majority "minority" audience, that the Muslim terrorists  would have attacked? I think not. Ditto with the soccer game and Parisian bistro's.

Meanwhile, Presi-fraud Obama does a press conference, where the main purpose seems to be defending his policy of bringing Muslim "refugees" into the United States. It was easily the most embarrassing, wimpy presidential press conference I have ever seen. Our President, Barack Obama, looked like a wimpy version of petty crook Rodney King: "Can't we all ... get along?" NO, Presi-fraud, apparently we cannot. Yesterday, John Kerry gave a speech about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris and he never once said the words "Muslim" or "Islam." As of this writing, the governors of Texas, Alabama, Michigan, Arkansas, Indiana and Louisiana are refusing to take "refugees" from Syria. Once again, the liberals are screaming RRRAAACISSSM! But it is not racism. It is the governors defending their home states from enemy invasion.

France has rightfully closed its borders, which is understandable, since they are under attack by Muslim terrorists. At the same time, Obama wants to bring over 100,000 Muslim "refugees" into the United States. So here is my idea. If we, the people of the United States and our duly elected representatives, have lost the ability to say "NO," then let's come up with a plan to assure that our elected officials feel the effects of their politically-influenced decisions. Let's make sure that the Syrian "refugees" are resettled RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the politician's personal homes. For example; if South Carolina governor Nikki Haley wants to allow Syrian "refugees" to relocate to South Carolina; then  the "refugees" should be placed right next door to her family home. Right next door.  Ditto with other elected officials and judges nationwide. Put the Syrian "refugees" right across the street from Hillary Ramrod'm in Chappaqua and Bernie Sanders in Vermont. Let us see how "tolerant" the leftists are when that happens.

After all , the definition of a "conservative" is, "a liberal that's just been mugged."

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