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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)

Uh ohh ... I apparently ignited a mini-conflagration with this one: "As far as our neighbors owning what we now call a Pit Bull (once known as a "junkyard dog"), here is the Pit bull Axiom: ONE Pit bull = potential bad neighbor. TWO Pit bulls = crazy neighbor. THREE Pit bulls = crack house."

More than 40 percent of the dogs at Charleston Animal Society are breeds that fall under the pit bull category — dogs similar to Tiger, the 3-year-old pet that tore off its owner's arm.

Why does the Chs School Board even listen to the N.A.A. Colored People? They're a racist group, hell-bent on causing and furthering discontent. They do not represent most black people and are a racist organization. Their name says it all. Would the CCSD sit there and listen to the Arian Nation spew nonsense? Would the CCSD give an audience to the Klan? I would hope not. Also, is anyone but me looking into the background of our new Superintendent? I am. Finding some surprising things...
Remember, folks; according to our gutless media, if the racism comes from a so-called, self-proclaimed "minority" gang, than it's to be tolerated. I say NO. NO to racism, no matter where it comes from. Yo, other media people; do you want to borrow one of my gonads? Apparently you need one.


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