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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)

The Donald speaks his mind. When attacked, The Donald fires back quickly. The Donald is brash and rude to anyone who gets in his way. The Donald does what The Donald wants to do. Nobody tells The Donald "no" and gets away with it. The Donald is very popular among disaffected Republicans and conservatives. The Donald says aloud many things the other Republican candidates are afraid to say. This makes The Donald a real problem for the Republican Party.
The real problem with Trump is that he talks faster than he thinks. But in the world of The Donald, The Donald runs everything and if you don't get on board with The Donald, "You're fired!"
That being said, we the American people are being fed a constant stream of disinformation by the mainstream, pop-culture, so-called "news" media, of which The Donald is merely the most recent target.
The MSM has endowed itself the right to redefine things, symbols, words, pictures and anything else it sees fit. Hence the most recent example: We now know that "wherever" really means "menstruation."
The blog-o-sphere sheeple eat this stuff up and follow along like cult members. Redefining is a modern cultural phenomenon. Examples of this are all around us.
Confederate symbols are no longer historic artifacts, they are "racist." Rainbows are no longer natural wonders, they are now synonymous with "tolerance" of homosexuality. The word "gay" no longer means "happy." The word "progressive" is tossed about by liberals as a way to say "socialism" without really saying it. Going back a number of decades, the swastika was misappropriated by the NAZI regime in Europe. Prior to that, a swastika was a sacred symbol of Buddhism or Jainism.
The list goes on and on.
Bottom line is the MSM knows people will repeat bumper-sticker logic, rather than do their own research. It's easier that way. Besides, actually researching something takes time; but if you take time researching something, you may miss the Megyn Kelly Show (or The Donald show, or Vanderbilt Cooper Show, etc.)
Below is a picture of Jackie Kennedy, wearing an Indian outfit in 1939. Don't believe it? Do the research yourself.
Jackie kennedy 1939.jpg

The agenda was obvious within the first minute. Attack Trump. Maximize Megyn face-time. The FOX News "debate" was hardly a debate at all. But why go after Trump? The answer to that is obvious, too. Numbers. Ratings numbers. When The Donald spouts off, people take notice. It was never FOX's intention to feature the GOP candidates. Their intention was to remind the rest of the mainstream, pop-culture, so-called "news" media who the big dog is. And it worked.
But there are two types of people one should not "mess" with. 1) anyone who touches your food. 2) anyone with $10 billion.
I've met Donald Trump. He was nice when I met him. He gave a 20-minute speech that night, where he spent 20 minutes talking about his favorite subject; The many Successes Of Donald Trump. Is The Donald brash? Yes. Is The Donald rude? Sometimes. Is The Donald a good candidate for President? He's leading the pack. Would The Donald be a good President? Sure; especially when compared to what we have now. But that's not what FOX News was interested in. You may notice there was not one question about the Benghazi debacle. Not one. Very little mention of Obama or Hillary Ramrod'm.
The real quandary here is how did serious news discussion turn into cartoonish entertainment? Next time FOX News might as well have Stephen Colbert moderate the "debate."


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