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Have you seen social media lately? Not very “social,”when it comes to the election season, is it? The new motto is, “If You Don’t Support My Candidate, I Hate You.” They call each other names, pout, stomp their feet and then they sulk.
This is why the GOP has such a problem winning.
The Rubio-trolls hate the Cruz-trolls. The Paul-trolls hate the Christie-trolls. The JEB-trolls sneer at the Fiorina-trolls, the Carson-trolls seem generally bewildered and ALL the trolls hate Trump. Ladies and gentlemen; I give you your new Republican party.
Meanwhile, back at the ol’ Democrat ranch, Hillary is being anointed, despite perfunctory, for-demonstration-purposes-only Jackie Mason-like bellowing by Bernie Sanders. After Hillary Ramrod’m is anointed, Bernie will go back to his regular job; Old Heckler From The Balcony at the Muppet Show.
Eventually, one Republican candidate will be picked. The real question is, will all the trolls who claim to have THE ONE & ONLY definition of what a Republican is, support the winning candidate? Will the pouters stop pouting? Will the foot-stompers stop stomping? I fear the “My Candidate Only” trolls will sit out the election, brooding in dark corners, bottom lip jutted out, stewing in blue snit. This has happened before. This is how Obama got re-elected.
And this is the only way Hillary Ramrod’m can get elected. She’s counting on you, disarrayed Republicans; she’s counting on you.


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