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The agenda was obvious within the first minute. Attack Trump. Maximize Megyn face-time. The FOX News "debate" was hardly a debate at all. But why go after Trump? The answer to that is obvious, too. Numbers. Ratings numbers. When The Donald spouts off, people take notice. It was never FOX's intention to feature the GOP candidates. Their intention was to remind the rest of the mainstream, pop-culture, so-called "news" media who the big dog is. And it worked.
But there are two types of people one should not "mess" with. 1) anyone who touches your food. 2) anyone with $10 billion.
I've met Donald Trump. He was nice when I met him. He gave a 20-minute speech that night, where he spent 20 minutes talking about his favorite subject; The many Successes Of Donald Trump. Is The Donald brash? Yes. Is The Donald rude? Sometimes. Is The Donald a good candidate for President? He's leading the pack. Would The Donald be a good President? Sure; especially when compared to what we have now. But that's not what FOX News was interested in. You may notice there was not one question about the Benghazi debacle. Not one. Very little mention of Obama or Hillary Ramrod'm.
The real quandary here is how did serious news discussion turn into cartoonish entertainment? Next time FOX News might as well have Stephen Colbert moderate the "debate."


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