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The Truth Hurts (get a band-aid)


Have you seen social media lately? Not very “social,”when it comes to the election season, is it? The new motto is, “If You Don’t Support My Candidate, I Hate You.” They call each other names, pout, stomp their feet and then they sulk.
This is why the GOP has such a problem winning.
The Rubio-trolls hate the Cruz-trolls. The Paul-trolls hate the Christie-trolls. The JEB-trolls sneer at the Fiorina-trolls, the Carson-trolls seem generally bewildered and ALL the trolls hate Trump. Ladies and gentlemen; I give you your new Republican party.
Meanwhile, back at the ol’ Democrat ranch, Hillary is being anointed, despite perfunctory, for-demonstration-purposes-only Jackie Mason-like bellowing by Bernie Sanders. After Hillary Ramrod’m is anointed, Bernie will go back to his regular job; Old Heckler From The Balcony at the Muppet Show.
Eventually, one Republican candidate will be picked. The real question is, will all the trolls who claim to have THE ONE & ONLY definition of what a Republican is, support the winning candidate? Will the pouters stop pouting? Will the foot-stompers stop stomping? I fear the “My Candidate Only” trolls will sit out the election, brooding in dark corners, bottom lip jutted out, stewing in blue snit. This has happened before. This is how Obama got re-elected.
And this is the only way Hillary Ramrod’m can get elected. She’s counting on you, disarrayed Republicans; she’s counting on you.

A friend of mine pulled me aside in Parson Jack's Cafe in Charleston. She asked me, "Why is everyone so angry this Christmas?"
This is a good question. There are lots of reasons to be angry this year. The Mainstream so-called  "news" media pushing phony "feel-good" stats on our failing economy; terrorist attacks all over the place, including on our own soil and a somewhat snippy, smart-alecky Presidential campaign (which is great fun at times), complete with the MSM falling all over Hillary without ever asking her one single pertinent question. Not to mention the fact that most people are making less money as the cost of goods and services rise. People are adjusting their lives to live on less. Every time you turn around, there's bad news. People are at their wit's end and they are playing their cards close in. Welcome to the Obama Christmas 2015.
But there is also good news. Gasoline prices are down. Also ... uh ... um ... well, that's about all I can think of at the moment. But I'm sure there's more. There's also family gatherings (no stress there).
But wait -- there's the real reason for Christmas in the first place: the birth of Jesus Christ, but you can't speak to that, as it may "offend" someone. There are guv'mint skools doing the Peanuts Christmas Play and they're cutting the Linus speech, which for those of you keeping score, is from Luke 2:8-14. Cities across the nation are not allowed to put up a simple manger scene, because ONE person (or group) complained. It seems as though any time a Christian symbol is displayed, there is a professional complainer nearby. Bottom line is there is a lot of anger this Christmas, because that's what the liberals have wanted for years -- to ruin Christmas. They insist on pushing the "Happy Holiday" narrative, all the while forgetting that "holiday" comes from the term "Holy Day." Tell a liberal that and watch his head explode.
So let's not let the wacky libs ruin Christmas. This week, tell everyone you see "Merry Christmas!" and if they don't like it, then they can humbug themselves down the road for all I care.


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